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Crystal Bead Swirl Wire Ring (Multi Color)

Crystal Bead Swirl Wire Ring (Multi Color)

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☾Dainty crystal bead swirl wire ring 

☾Made with gold or silver tarnish-resistant plated wire

Structure is sturdy but also slightly bendable if you need to adjust the size

☾Available sizes:

SMALL: US 5 - US 7 

MEDIUM: US 8 - US 10

LARGE: US 11 -  US 13

To find out your ring size, measure the inside diameter of a ring that fits you to the nearest millimeter. If you don't know your ring size just look up a sizing chart and you can measure it with string and a ruler.

☾Each ring is handcrafted in a heavy 18 gauge wire

All rings come in a box to protect them during shipment. This will ensure your ring will arrive undamaged and ready to wear

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